Single hooks in the media 

Modifying game fishing lures

Article by Ogmore Angling Association on modifying lures for single hooks in freshwater game angling

Single vs Treble Hooks

In-depth article in which SingleHooks is interviewed by the editor of Pike and Predators Magazine

Replacing trebles on seawater plugs

Article by SaltStrong with step-by-step instructions

Fly-fishing for pike

Guideline article on fly-fishing for pike, with helpful tackle advise and benefits of using single hooks

Single hook rigs for predator fish species

Bury Hill Fisheries fact sheet on single hook rigs and set-ups for predator fish species

Bass friendly lures

UK Bass Anglers' Sportfishing Society article with tips on how to modify lures for effective catch and release

Shark angling - circle hooks for healthy catch and release

Studies by US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists have shown that using circle hooks greatly increases catch and release survival

Single hooks for tube flies

Article on modifying tube flies for single hooks in freshwater game angling

Inline single hooks on Rapala lures

Informative Rapala article with treble-to-single replacement hook chart for some of its popular fishing lures

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